Shipping terminologies for your guidance

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Quality (ISO 8402)

The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.

Note: The ISO 9000 standards on quality management and quality assurance consists of four standards:

9000 guidelines for selection and use.

9001 model for quality assurance in design/development.

9002 model for quality assurance in production and installation.

9003 model for quality assurance in final inspection and test, and

9004 guidelines for quality management and quality system elements, part two are guidelines for services.


Quantity Discount

A proportional reduction of a rate based on quantity.



A restraint placed on an operation to protect the public against a health hazard. A ship may be quarantined so that it cannot leave a protected point. During that period, the Q flag is hoisted.



The aftermost deck of a warship. In the age of sail, the quarterdeck was the preserve of the ship's officers.



A structure attached to land to which a vessel is moored. For more information see also Pier and Dock.



The dock or platform used to fasten vessels whilst in situ.


Queen's (King's) Regulations

The standing orders governing the British Royal Navy issued in the name of the current monarch.



A wedge-shaped piece of timber used to secure barrels against movement.



A system of controlling imports, exports or production by specifying a certain limitation. The quantity of goods that may be imported without restriction or additional duties or taxes.



Amount stated as the price according to tariff for certain services to be provided or issued to a customer with specification on conditions for carriage.


Quotation Expiration Date

The date as from which a quotation price is no longer valid.