Shipping terminologies for your guidance

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1. The horizontal spar from which a square sail is suspended.

2. Fenced off, outdoor storage and repair area.



The very end of a yard; often mistaken for a "yard"



The acknowledgement of an order, or agreement.For more information see aye, aye.



A vessel's rotational motion about the vertical axis, causing the fore and aft ends to swing from side to side repetitively. For more information see Pitch.



1. A vessel's small boat moved by one oar.

2. A small sailboat rigged fore-and-aft, with a short mizzenmast astern of the cockpit - distinguished from ketch.



Revenue, not necessarily profitable, per unit of traffic.


Yield Bucket

The remaining slot capacity for a trade/voyage in a certain port of loading after deduction of the allowance for specific contracts.


Yield Management

The process of maximising the contribution of every slot, vessel, trade and network. Basically it should be seen as the process of allocating the right type of capacity to the right kind of customer at the right price as to maximise revenue or yield. The concept should be used in combination with load factor management.


York-Antwerp Rules

A code of rules adopted by an international convention in 1890